Breed: Miniature Pony
Age: About 14 years old.
Joined Glory Reins Stables: 2019

TommyHawk and his younger brother, Dakota, were junkyard ponies, abused and neglected until they were rescued by the Smith family, who patiently loved and restored them both. Under their care, the brothers recovered and began work in the Makarios Autism Center, where they remained until the Smiths' ministry shifted to larger-scale endeavors. Wanting a place where their boys would be safe and loved, they donated TommyHawk and Dakota to Glory Reins.

Still fearful of anything new and very "head shy" from the abuse he suffered, TommyHawk will often hide behind a tree when an unknown person enters his paddock. It is hard for him to trust, but given time and tenderness, he becomes a dedicated, loving companion. This sweet pony reminds us that life can leave some deep scars upon the heart, but with faithful kindness, there is always hope.

About Glory Reins

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