Breed: Mustang
Age: 9
Joined Glory Reins Stables: 2019

We where advised, don’t get a mustang. Mustengo (Spanish) means "untrainable". So we got a mustang and with much work Soldier has become one of our best horses. Our black beauty is smart with the respect he learned from the other mustangs while he was in the wild. He is our youngest horse, quick and smart.

We call him our "fancy" boy as he smoothly moves around the arena with his thick black mane flowing. And we teach our kids, you don’t have to be who the world says you are. God has a beautiful plan for you. We had to be cautious with Soldier when we first got him because he hadn’t given us his heart but when he finally did, everything changed. That is how it is for us. God is just waiting for us to give Him our heart. That is the beginning of a new life full of hope and promise.

About Glory Reins

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