Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 19.
Joined Glory Reins Stables: 2020

Like so many of our kids, Shadow’s past in the rodeo has left him with a wounded heart that he is afraid to surrender. In the herd he often stands alone, yet he is the first to come to the gate when we call. He forgets he is over 1200 pounds and wants all the love and snuggles he can get.

He desires to be "whole" yet the darkness of his past will rise to the surface and not allow him to move when we ask something new from him. Some call him stubborn but we see his fear to trust. What a gift this sweet boy is to our ministry as our kids see the same brokenness in themselves. Afraid to forgive, afraid to hope, afraid to even try. We see Shadow move forward and begin to trust. But then he slides backwards. Isn't that just like us. Yet we have a God that can heal the broken hearted and we will never give up on this beautiful boy.

About Glory Reins

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