Breed: Quarter Paint; Tobiano coloring
Age: About 20 years old.
Joined Glory Reins Stables: 2017

Gator is our survivor. When he was young, Gator fell under a gate, and broke his kneecap and his jaw trying to escape. Either injury is usually cause enough to put a horse down, but with the great care of a wonderful staff and Gator's strong will, both fractures healed, leaving just some stiffness and a slight limp. A few years later he was diagnosed with cancer of the eye and it had to be surgically removed, leaving him blind on that side. Despite it all, he is a sweet-tempered boy who has adjusted well to his handicaps. He is our "never quit" hero.

Gator has a quiet spirit and tries to avoid conflict with the other horses. He respond well to verbal commands and is respectful and obedient...until there is green grass around, when he does everything he can to get that one delicious bite. He saddles well and seems to enjoy the ride, but is always at his best when his pasture mates are trailing with him.

About Glory Reins

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